4 Ryder – Isis Renaissance Headline News

Sire: CH Wycliffe Upbeat

Moder: CH Isis Aspects of Love

Ryder has been chosen to become the father of Stina´s puppies. He is a Canadian Champion Stud Dog and produces beautiful moving, lovely headed, well balanced, with tail-sets always on high puppies. We know Ryder personally and have lived together with him for a short while and know what a nice boy he is. His mentality is very stable and when shooting for the Canadian Gladiators he behaved like a professional movie star although it was the first time on stage. He was not bothered by fire works or music or all the people watching. On top of all this he is a “talking” dog which is very unique and unusual and we sincerely hope some of his puppies will inherit this skill.

He is tested for SA (yearly),VWD (DNA), Thyroid(Yearly)Eye Certification Yearly, HIPS Certified.

Unfortunately the insemination with frozen sperm from “Ryder” - Isis

RenaissanceHeadline News, back in September last year failed. We were all very

disappointed but considering all the preparations and efforts before the insemination

it was decided that Stina should be bred naturally next time.


In March she was bred to “Chivas”, Zensaris Show me the Way,  a beautiful,

promising young male with excellent movements imported from England, owned

by Lena Jönsson, Digimons Kennel


Click here for Stina´s and Chivas´pedigree


Chivas 15 months



My ambition is to breed good looking standard poodles who are mentally and physically strong and healthy to be your best friend for a long time and as such deserve only the best! Puppies are being brought up in the family and get used to normal family life., i e sleep on beds, sit on sofas, get used to vacuum cleaners and visitors.  Grandchildren in different ages are visting frequently to socialise with the puppies as well as the adult dogs.


The standard poodle is a lively and alert dog outside and is very calm and relaxed inside. It is a durable dog for almost any activity.